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Dr. Mary Fletcher Started her dental practice in Ramona, California in 1993. She Continued the dental practice of Dr. Louis Gerber after he retired.

She believes that there are things that are meant to be, like this Dental practice in Ramona that she currently enjoys.

Her guideline to practice dentistry follows how dentistry ought to be. A dentist helps patients prevent dental problems and to treat dental problems that exist.

Restoration of the function of teeth when they become unhealthy is her goal. Teeth are for breaking down food into smaller particles for easy swallowing. Teeth help speech, and they make us look good. Without teeth, how can one be healthy? Healthy teeth also builds self confidence. Her treatment plans follow the simple guidelines mentioned above.

Dr. Mary Fletcher is a clear example of an immigrant who embraced life in California as a challenge to become better in her profession.

She joined the US Army right after she left the Philippines in 1989. She took a job of a laboratory technician as she worked on her license examinations to practice dentistry in California.

She finished her DMD degree in 1981 from the University of the Philippines. The University of the Philippines is one of the top universities of Asia.

She was also a teacher before going into active practice for 6 years before migrating to the US in 1989.

She takes pride in her training from school because she did not have any difficulty passing her licensure  exams here in the USA. She passed them all on er first try.Her military experience helps her focus on details of her profession. She was honorably discharged by the USA Army in 1992. Then she came to San Diego.

She embodies the true essence of Dentistry. It is art and science combined. She sings.Also a member of a church choir.She Plays Musical instruments. She paints with oil and acrylic. With art and science all in her heart, she is at ease in the performance of her profession. She usually hums a tune or sings a song as she treats her patients. She is a member of the United States Dental Institute where she gets some training in the prevention of full blown orthodontic problems. She is also a mother of her only child, Genevieve who also served in the US Army.

She was born August 16,1957. Always focused and sincere. She carefully listens to her patients, evaluates their problems then she presents her treatment plan.

She does not delegate a dentist's job to anybody. Her years of experience in general dentistry of treating thousands of patients from all age groups is just one of her great assets. Her faith in  God and self-healing spirituality, keeps her strong and healthy. She does what matters.She welcomes you to visit her.


Our office offers full service dental care for all ages.

We are conveniently located on the West side of town in the Fegahli Center (across the street from the Stater Bros. Shopping Center) at 1721 Main Street Ramona,CA 92065.

We are opened Mondays Thursdays and Fridays, 8am-5pm. We offer Emergency appointments. We prefer text messages at (760)789-2500 Please give us your name and a brief message in regards to your appointment needs.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve your best smile!

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